Some facts

The two rows wich I did not care for, are dead.
This has occourred because the planting has been made in May, therefore after the spring boom, and the plants did not have enough time to sink roots deep enough to find humid subsoil (below 50cm) before this dried out definitely in the summer.
Instead, in the winter period, the soil is constantly humid and its temperature does not inhibit root growth. I deduce that in the plantings made in winter, even if the aerial part dies down, roots keep growing continuosly, reaching whithin the next dry season, deeper layers where a little moisture is always present to guarantee sustainance and allowing the developement of the root system until it reaches important dimensions in 7-10 monts since the planting allowing the cultivation in areas not reached by acqueducts.
On the contrary, plantings made in the spring-summer period, have to be watered deeply at least once for susteinance and several times in order to produce planting material.
The plantings made in the autumn period can be managed without watering, but will have more probability to develope weed infestation because it will go through both autumn and spring boom period therefore the weeds will have plenty of time to establish and grow through a complete cycle from seed to seed.

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