Water !!!!!!!!!

Water all around and not a drop to drink.
It sounds like a joke but it can become the sad truth for a lot of countries in the world.
Many more, instead will have the opposite problem: shortage of food and drinkable water.
In Italy both options are allready starting to appear together in areas historically devolved to food and energy productions; first of all the Po valley.
The first hints have allready appeared two years ago in spring, for example: corn shoots burnt, rivers below minimum levels, prices at the stars. The situation hits the population in two ways: directly with income loss and indirectly, by the markets that rise prices at any crisis announcement.
Recently in Cochin, Kerala, south India, an international workshop has taken place sponsored by the Vetiver Network International of India.
Amongst the issues treated, the water conservation one, was the most important one: it clearly emerged that the vetiver hedges favour the replenishment of ground water increasing the permanence of seasonal watercourses, they also increase water quantity in area basins and strongly inhibit silting in it.

This proceedings should spring careful thinking not only on the future of agriculture, but also on the real costs of energy since a good share of the little we produce has an hydroelectric origin.

Given the actual situation, are we really sure that hydroelectric production can be considered renewable?

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