Giulio Tramellino Prize second edition

For the second year in a row starts the "Giulio Tramellino Prize"

I wish to remember him putting up for grabs 100 vetiver plants to be won by the best project in any field of application of this green technology that sees me at work, with the hoe in my hand, since 1996.
I want to make this system known in Italy so that everyone will be able to see how beneficial it can be for the environment and the whole of society.
Please leave a comment or send a mail, submitting photos, drawings or any written description of what the project aim is.

Closing date is on the 2nd of February 2009

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The Vetiver Network (International) ha detto...

You are just great Marco. Keep up this good work. You will end up like the story of the French shepherd who planted acorns wherever he took his flock and ended up with a huge forest. You can do the same with vetiver!!

Dick Grimshaw