Vetiver biomass: milling test

First milling test performed in order to obtain 
heater grade chopped biomass:
Just about 30 Kg of biomass have been transformed.
The objective is to find a tool (power or engine) that chops 
leaves and stems down to the correct size for burning in an 
automatic biomass heater.
The point is, besides the size, that the product has to be 
No further operations will have to be needed afterwards to 
preserve economicity.

The result of this first test is not completely satisfactory 
because the product presents different sizes. To achieve 
a better result, sieving is necessary in order to discard 
oversize material.

The problem starts with the machine's work: the chopping 
is done on the same axis of insertion of the biomass: this 
makes also the machine prone to choking. The final product 
is part pulverized, part oversize.

Let's move over.

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