With this document, I intend to clarify the
intentions that move the work of Vetiver
In the past 20 years, in Italy, the technology linked
to the use of vetiver hedgerows has been
used by few people that used it up for personal
gain only, not spreding the knoledge of it nor
giving out propagation material.

On the contrary, Vetiver Sardegna operates
for the capillary diffusion of the technology
through mass communication (web) with
the clear intent of making aware of the great
simplicity of application to everyone, and the
production of propagating material to the
lowest possible price with the aim to heal
the territory in a definitive way in order to 
prevent possible disasters in harm to people.

The research conducted by Vetiver Sardegna,
at the present without any funding at all, goes
in the direction of constantly improve, and 
progressively make more accessible, the use
of this technology to private citizens on their
land and public offices, through the use of local
labour to generate a further benefit to the area
of application.
This logic, goes further than simple economic gain,
though necessary, and puts back in the end user's
pocket, any saving obtaind by the research on 
production and planting methods, for the final
aim of spreding the same technology at any level
in the country.
Vetiver Sardegna's work is inspired to an "Open Source" 
model and by the consciousness of multiple benefits 
that the territory receives by it and by the quantity
of human lives that can be saved through the correct 
application of VGT technology.The implementation 
of mass scale economies, is the medium through which,
in the future, it will be impossible and non economical, 
a new kidnapping of this technology for private gain.

Marco Forti

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