Giant leap

At the end of winter, with some spare money obtained with small jobs around, I buy myself a Ferrari: a rotative hoe, 12 horse power with a 80 cm wide hoe section and furrow excavator; four speed plus reverse. Cool!

I get in association with another mad one, the good Marta.
Us three, (the two mad ones and the Ferrari) set out to prepare a new nursery for a thousand new plants: five rows of more than 50 m each, spaced three meters.
We finish by the first of may, Titans stuff! Unfortunately Marta has to leave Sardynia and the new nursery at the beginning of July and goes back to Rome.

The new nursery, this time is irrigater with a very light dripping line which costs 18 cent of euro/meter and comes in large rolls of 3km.
Waterings are limited to only five in the intire summer period, and in the furrow, before planting, i put a slow release nitrogen fertilizer.This factor, of course, makes a great deal of difference and by september the hedges are fully established and is not easy to walk between them.

A great result. Grazie Martina

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