Improving the tecnique

Spurred by the good results obtained in the nursery, at the beginning of the summer, I set out to plant a new one of 400 new plants, so I follow the same method which consists in cutting away almost all roots and the loss of the aerial part above 30 cm height.
The soil is allready hard like the granite who generated it in the firstplace, but with water and a sharp hoe, I manage.
The furrows are ready, spring boom is behind the shoulders and temperatures are definitely in line with the summer period.
This time I limit waterings since radicated plants have sustained the african blob of 2003 with ease.This second nursery did not suffer the weeds: the period of planting, the watering regime with rare but deep drip irrigations convinceme to adopt this new method.
For that year I can consider myself satisfied and I just keep listening.

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