First great results

When the minimum temperatures rise definitely above 10°, the crusty soil,compacted by the winter rains and poor of organic matter,starts cracking all around the base of the new plants and, in a week, a new generation of tillers explodes. At least 8-12 each strip,reaching in the same time 40-50 cm high.
I couldn't believe it!
The plants I divided with the axe, had sacrificed all activities above soil level concentrating on the rooting, leaving to the spring time, after easter, the resurrection above land.
I attend them for all the spring with water twice a week and fertilizer, meanwhile weeds take their toll; spring conditions and fertilizer pushes them to come out in massive numbers and the furrows dug in september to accomodate the new nursery is now land of pioneer weeds whose seed rested dormant in the subsoil.
Frequent automatic waterings top up the mess, so whilst clearing it all up, I start making in my mind a list of mistakes
On the contrary, instead, the single tiller plantings don't seem to produce results at all, they lie submerged by hungry hordes of twitch roots who travel in the soil like starships at near-light speed.
I decide to abandone this section and forget about it.

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