The propagation

The first 400 propagations, made in september 2003, are planted with a hoe in lines long some 15 meters, one plant every 30cm. and watered with a good quality dripping line. Each plant counts some five or six strips.
Meanwhile in another portion of the same hectare, I try out a different planting system: I prepare a strip of land some 40 meters long, one meter wide, served by the same kind of dripping line, after preparing a sufficient number of strips, I proceed sinking them for about 30cm in number of three or four strips around the dripper; practically I transplant them in wet soil a bit like you would do with rice. (That is why the seminator)
Monts go by and in january I'm allready convinced that I must have made
some kind of mistake because the aerial part of all plants with no ecceptions turned straw colour and died down.
Not a shade of green anywere.

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