The boom

Spring was very rainy and in april 2003 a wreckless summer blows up.
In may I start noticing some green at the base of the plants and I decide to cut them at some 30 cm height. In two weeks the plants double their diameter, and I realize that there were no reasons to fear and that erosion is facing its "end of the world weapon".
In june arrived the famous african blob of 2003: a high pressure system that keeps minimum temperatures above 30°C, whilst the top temperatures skyrocket above 35-45°C until the end of september.
Not a drop of water for the whole period was given to the plants. They didn't even turn yellow a bit, as if someone would water them during the nigh time while I cynically observed them during the day.
At the end of that month I decide to propagate half of that row, and with a spade I cut the root system 45°all around the plant, then I remove the leaves at about 30 cm; then with a small axe I divide the clumps and I plant back the new plants into the ground.
So I start the first nursery.

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