Single Tiller: More propagation methods

The practice of burning, misused in the last decades, is useful in 
small omeopatic doses to help with the preparation of new areas to cultivate
or to experiment with new techniques (this is the case). 
If done on a large scale it results in deforestation and has certainly negative 
ethical connotations, but sometimes the old Neolithic cultural wisdom is definitely practical! 
Here's the idea: I'll try out the Thai technique of multiplication in order  
to obtain strips of plants, ready for planting in unstable slopes that require 
the standard density of 10 plants per meter. 
Using a draining nursery liner,
I shall escavate a 20 cm deep and 2 meters long depression to be lined  (the length will be variable) 
This space will be filled with 60% peat, sand 39%, slow release fert 1%. 
The single tillers are generally a byproduct of plant division, they will be prepared as in the photo above 
and placed in the bed every 10 cm, each planted line will be divided by the next with wood.  
A dripping line will be  placed along each row to ensure that the cloth does not produce 
excessive dehydration due to the separation from subsoil and consequent elimination of the 
capillarity effect. 
Furthermore, with burning I've also easily gained a place to put a 1000L tank for fertirrigation. 
In the coming days we will see the progress of the work. 
More to follow

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